Thank you for getting your group set up!  This information helps us serve your group and get you any information you need!  Please feel free to contact the office with any questions, or include them in the last box on the form! 

September 8th - October 6th

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Leader name(s)
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There are many people here at Hope that will be looking for a group to join.
What ages would your group be best suited for? Giving a range of 15-20 years typically works best. If you know your group will have more or less of a range than that, no problem! However, please keep in mind that it helps a person looking for a group if this information is realistic to your group. Thank you!
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Are children welcome at your group? This could mean that childcare is provided, there's children's programming at the same time, or that children are welcome to attend with their parents in your group.
Where will your group meet? If this is a home, please provide the address. Addresses will not be published, but it allows people to search by area of town. Thank you!
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When will you meet?
Write a few sentences about yourself or what you hope for your group! When someone is browsing the groups, this helps give them a picture of what your group may be like
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These questions are for our data purposes only; they help us better understand and better serve our group leaders. We're not looking for a 'right answer' here! How long have you been attending Hope Summit?
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We're so grateful for your willingness to lead! Are there any other comments, questions, or concerns we could work out with you?